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“Building is about people first. The project is the manifestation of the relationships between all the people involved.”

Home Addition Specialists Work Your Way

Stone Builders a local construction company in Dublin. We are the first choice of people for expert construction services. We proficiently deliver complex services like extending houses, retrofit and new builds.

We constantly strive to offer the best solutions to our customers. Because we teamed up with the Registered ArchitectsStructural EngineersQuantity SurveyorsBER assessors and other specialists in Passive House, Air-Tightness, Thermal Imaging and Ventilation. We are capable of handling every single aspect of your project from start to finish, from the design stage to completion. We are working for years with the same trusted subcontractorsregistered electricians, and plumbers.

We know the area and implement the highest standards of renovation to provide satisfaction to our customers. With us, you will surely get a free quote and start your project with no obligation at all.

With us, our customers won’t have to spend time on looking for all kinds of professionals, we have them all!

Implementation of modern techniques in construction

Unlike other construction companies, we appreciate innovation and technology; therefore, we use the modern approach to wall construction like ICF insulated concrete formwork to ensure airtightness, soundproofing and U-values. Due to innovative techniques, a client can anticipate a reduction in the electrical bill and carbon foot printing. We have teamed up with the best structural engineers, registered architects, BER assessors, building contractors and quantity surveyors. It means that if you connect with us for any project, then you will get access to a long and capable team of experts collaborating with you for the fastest delivery of the project.

Continuously upgrading work approach as well as knowledge.

Construction is the most dynamic industry; therefore, to maintain the pace with the latest upgrades in this field, we continuously get trained in all aspects of the building fabric like airtightness, roofing, walls through the courses started by the leading suppliers like Passive House Systems, CrysticROOF Fiberglass Roofing, Velux, Altherm ICF. Project Management is our unsung potential; we have been working in this field for years; therefore, we know and understand every aspect of the project from start to finish.


Our process involves thorough research and analyses based on the specific needs of our customers. We always keep our focus on delivering the best out of the renovation and construction jobs we do for you.


At Stone Builders, we are proactively working with a team of professionals to make sure you get the desired renovation done at your convenience. We are happy to take your residential as well as commercial renovation projects.


We have a team of experienced contractors that ensures all your construction work is done professionally. Our team is working constantly to bring you the desired outcome. So, let us build your dream home.