ICF, or insulated concrete formwork, is a highly beneficial method of construction in which hollow and lightweight insulation forms are fit and set together before being filled with concrete. This concrete then sets and solidifies as a solid foundation or structure, while the formwork is left in place to act as a layer of insulation around the concrete.

If you are looking for an ICF construction service in Ireland, then it is vital that you find a trusted and reliable ICF contractor. In this case, Stone Builders is the perfect site for you. This building contractor is guaranteed to fulfill any needs you may have and provide you with the best ICF building service in Dublin. Stone Builders are the premier Insulating Concrete Formwork Contractor in the Dublin area and work incredibly hard to ensure they always meet the requirements of every client with which they deal, and that every service they provide is charged at a highly reasonable price.

Here at Stone Builders, we are currently using ICF walls for both one-off houses and house extensions. For every home in which we work, especially when building or installing ICF walls, we always ensure to leave the home as clean and tidy as we found it, while never causing any damages or impairments to the house itself.

In addition to this, here at Stone Builders we also work closely on a daily basis with structural engineers and architects that are highly experienced and familiar with the ICF method of building. This not only ensures that our results are second to none in terms of quality and efficiency, but it also allows us to gain valuable insights into the technicalities and intricacies of this method of building. This means we can truly understand the entire process of ICF construction, which means we always have the answers to any questions or queries our customers may have.

Similarly, we also work closely with our main suppliers for ICF and pay strict attention to the construction detail as well as the quality of the materials supplied. This ensures that our ICF constructions are always up to scratch in terms of our quality and reliability standards, hence, ensuring that our customers are always happy with the results with which we provide them.

Furthermore, we are happy to combine the exceptional qualities and features of our ICF walls, such as airtightness and durability, in order to give you the best possible results.We will work cooperatively with your architect, as well as your Passive House Certifier to achieve EnerPHit standard results every time.

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is a relatively new building technology, and hence it has seen a rapid increase in demand recently. Additionally, buildings and extensions made using ICF have shown far better standards of thermal, sound and fire performances than buildings that have been constructed previously using traditional construction methods.

Another major reason for the increase in demand for ICF construction is the relatively smaller amount of time it takes to construct an icf building, in comparison to a traditionally constructed building.

An Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) system is capable of constructing every kind of building there is, and hence, we will always be able to meet your requirements regardless of how specific or intricate they may be. In general, an Insulated Concrete Formwork can be used to construct:

  • Commercial units
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential properties
  • Extensions to existing buildings

Here at Stone builders, we are committed to providing our customers with solutions that are 100% satisfactory. This is not our only motivation, however it is the main driving force behind the work we do here at Stone Builders. If you have any queries about the Insulated Concrete Forming service we provide, or if you are looking for a quote about how much it would cost to construct your property using ICF, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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