In simple terms, one off houses are homes that are constructed individually, as opposed to being constructed as a part of a collection of houses being constructed as a part of a housing estate or city street. Here at Stone Builders, we make use of our ICF construction process to build these one-off houses, as we feel this is the most efficient and effective way to do so.

Here at Stone Builders, we specialize in completing one-off new builds for our customers. We pride ourselves in being one of the best bespoke house builders in Dublin. Ultimately, if you are looking for a one-off house contractor in Dublin, then you are at the perfect place. Whether you need assistance in constructing your two-story home, bungalow, or dormer, or you want to give your existing housing structure an extension, then Stone Builders is the ideal place to start. Not only are we a team of certified ICF installers, but we also ensure every construction we complete is done to the best possible quality standards, as this ensures that every customer with which we deal is left entirely happy and satisfied after receiving our services.
In addition to this, we also complete this work as efficiently and effectively as possible, as this allows us to give our customers the quickest possible handover of their new home. Here at Stone Builders, we know how important a home is to the people that live in it, and therefore we always do everything we can to not only make your home everything you want it to be, but we also do this in the shortest time we can, so you don’t have to spend any more time than necessary away from your home.
Furthermore, we are also happy to work cooperatively with your Passive House Certifier the building process of your house. This is important to us as we want to ensure everything in your house is constructed to the highest quality, certified standard.

In many of our construction projects we use an insulated concrete formwork, which is known to be the fastest, and most efficient method of building walls. Not only do we have access to the high-end machinery needed for this method, but we also have the knowledge required to accomplish any project in the most fast and effective way possible. We always ensure that we are completely aware of your property and its surrounding area. This, in combination with the implementation of the high-quality standards of our new-made house services ensure that you will always be entirely satisfied with the outcome of our services.
In addition to this, we will also provide you with an obligation-free insulated concrete formwork ICF quote. This gives you the opportunity to see how much your potential construction project could cost. In addition to this, we are always happy to provide our customers with any support or advice they may need.

There are many advantages of going for a one-off house build for a construction customer. For example, the individual nature of new builds and one-off houses means you have the freedom to make changes along the way and alter various details in the construction process in order to meet your requirements. This means that you can have the peace of mind that at the end of the construction process your house will look exactly as you pictured it, and hence, you are guaranteed to be happy with the results.

Similarly, going for a new build also allows you to have an input in the construction process and gives you the opportunity to add your own unique sense of style to your home. This
can make unique

Essentially, if you are looking for a new build, one-off house contractor then look no further than Stone Builders. We are guaranteed to have everything you could ask for in a building contractor, and we will always do everything we can to ensure you are happy with our one-off, new build house services.