Service Overview

Are you looking for a cost-effective renovation on the Southside of Dublin 18 and surrounding areas? Whether it’s a face lift for an old home or a full renovation, no job is too big or small.
If you need a full renovation to get your property to code, Stone Builders has the team to do just that. As a member of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen, our Garage Conversion Service in Ireland have professionals pride themselves not only on their skills, but on their connections too. We have access to the most skilled tradesman and can recreate any space on budget and in a timely manner.
We collaborate with skilled architects and engineers to help you create your dream home. And we keep you updated every step of the way; advising on what can be achieved on your budget, and then making sure we deliver on time.

Two Storey Extension Makes Living Space Enjoyable

Extending your living space with two storey extension is the best way to maximise the space and make your home more organised to live in. Stone Builders brings you feasible options when you are looking for double storey extension services. For a better investment, we provide you exceptional services to create new rooms upstairs. We aim at adding valuable living space to your home in a professional manner. We bring you the right approaches and subtle designs to ensure you make a streamline connection to your home.

No matter what your choices are, we bring you cost-effective solutions to transform the look of your home through 2 storey extension. We hold our experience, knowledge, and specialization together to bring you the best two storey extension services that suit your needs. We keep the cost of double storey extensions affordable for you and promise to increase the value of your home. We also have different packages for the requirements of two storey extensions that vary from person to person.

Don’t Struggle with Space Anymore

Instead of struggling with limited space, why don’t you book two storey extension services with us? By hiring our two storey extension services, you can easily serve the notices yourself and make people amazed by your stunning extensions. No matter how long a double-storey extension may be, we will surely serve you impeccable solutions that work well for you.

We never leave you struggling with small spaces. This is why we take pride in providing you instant solutions at affordable two storey extension cost. Right from the moment you plan with us to execute the ideas in Sandyford you will surely find our services beneficial for you. We provide you a complete overview of what goes well and fits your needs when you are looking for professional two storey extension services. Call us today and let our professionals do the job.