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Are you looking for a House deep retrofit specialist in Dublin to provide you with a satisfactory solution for your requirement? If that is the case, you could not find a better companion for your deep retrofit renovation needs than Stone Builders. Stone Builders is one of the leading deep retrofit contractors in Dublin and is the default choice for folks looking for retrofit solutions for their homes. Our highly experienced and trained professionals will be with you to provide you with highly satisfactory retrofit solutions suited to your requirements.

EnerPhit house retrofit standard with Stone Builders

At Stone Builders, we provide solutions that are highly satisfactory and in line with the EnerPhit house retrofit standard for a refurbished house. EnerPhit house retrofit standard is the only standard one needs to concern themselves with when it comes to refurbishing existing buildings. EnerPhit house retrofit standard is based on the Passivhaus basic principles and indicates that the refurbished house is retrofitted to the highest standard. Stone Builders can work with your architect to ensure that such a standard is reached without any hassle.


How do we help with the EnerPhit standards?

Our experts will work with your architect and your Passive House certifier to ensure that your refurbished house meets the necessary EnerPhit standards. Here are some areas where our experts can be hugely beneficial to you.

  • On improving the thermal insulation.
  • Ensuring that only the finest material is used in the refurbishing.
  • Keeping a keen eye on the workmanship.
  • On reducing thermal bridging wherever possible.
  • Ensuring that the property has a proper ventilation system and utilize heat recovery systems.
  • By improving the airtightness of the property in question.
  • Efficient energy generation.
  • Use of high-quality windows.
  • If possible, use of renewable energy resources.


For quality custom designed home solutions, Stone Builders is the place to be.

Stone Builders is a local construction company based in Sandyford, striving to provide our clients with highly satisfactory solutions according to their requirements. Customer satisfaction is a matter of utmost importance for us at Stone Builder, and that is why we leave no stone left unturned in our zeal to provide our customers with 100 per cent satisfactory refurbishing solutions, even working with passive house certifiers and architects so that the refurbished property is in accordance with the EnerPhit standards.

EnerPhit house retrofit | House deep retrofit specialist
House deep retrofit specialist | EnerPhit house retrofit