Service Overview

Are you looking for a cost-effective renovation on the Southside of Dublin 18 and surrounding areas? Whether it’s a face lift for an old home or a full renovation, no job is too big or small.
If you need a full renovation to get your property to code, Stone Builders has the team to do just that. As a member of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen, our Garage Conversion Service in Ireland have professionals pride themselves not only on their skills, but on their connections too. We have access to the most skilled tradesman and can recreate any space on budget and in a timely manner.
We collaborate with skilled architects and engineers to help you create your dream home. And we keep you updated every step of the way; advising on what can be achieved on your budget, and then making sure we deliver on time.
The idea of terraced house expansion gives your mood a quick uplift. Of course, there is a lot involved in the planning of terraced house extension and this is why experts are here to create a new structure. Stone Builders comes to meet your desired construction needs. Homeowners in and around Sandyford have the luxury to maximise every nook of their terraced house. Using idle spaces to make something creative out of it is what we always strive for.
Having a terrace that is ripe for the extension is indeed a plus for homeowners because Stone Builders is here to provide you exceptional services to transform your terrace into a welcoming space. Well, you don’t actually have to feel worried about the extension ideas; we are here to serve you with everything. We take the challenges of building a modern terrace for you. Adding a layer of style to your terrace is what we always strive for. Our entire team takes your terraced house extension experience to the next level.

Call Us When Minor Changes Make a Huge Difference for You

We never let you feel bored with your existing space, as we always come to elevate your mood with terraced home extension services. Our approaches to terrace extension offer a cost-effective and convenient choice to transform your home. Households that are a little stuck for space always require terrace extension solutions to make the space workable for you.
Our services are backed by inspiring and new-age construction ideas. This is why we always make sure that our customers get the most out of our skills and expertise. For us, your demands and needs are of the utmost importance through which we plan your terraced home extension. Our inspiring ideas make your terrace home the right place for the extension.

We Let You Achieve Desired Cost While Keeping Cost Down

Packed with inspirations and ideas, our terrace house extension services are available to turn your house into a home. We always keep our focus on your needs while planning the best strategies through which you can achieve desired results. We keep our cost low and meet your specific terraced home extensions needs in no time.
We always practice the best approaches to make sure your terrace extension needs are accomplished in a fuss-free manner. Our services reveal our passion for making luxury homes and smart spaces that complement your style. When you choose us for the extension, we promise that your terraced home is created to suit your preferences and requirement.
Adding value to your home will be easy when you count on us for a terraced home extension. We plan the space conversion the most obvious way to help you achieve your desired needs. We provide cost-effective solutions for gaining extra space. We believe construction does not depend solely on the height and pitch of the roof. In fact, it depends on your choice of builders. Our certified team comes with a positive approach and adds convenience to the process of the terraced house extension. Now, call us today and let us remodel and extend the area of your terraced house.