SEAI Grants for homes

The new & revamped National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme is providing grants to house retrofit eco-friendly appliances into your home, which will provide a high level of future energy efficiency. The SEAI home energy Grants are a way for the government to help people with their energy bills. The grants are available to people who have a home with a BER of B3 or lower before the work. After the completion of the work, the household will have a B2 or above rating.

The homeowner would need a private company that is registered under this scheme and with the SEAI – a one stop shop SEAI partner, who is responsible for handling the project and making Energy upgrades to the household to get it to a B2 rating. Stone Builders is one such SEAI approved contractor that you can connect with for your project.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Our experts will come to your home and conduct an initial energy assessment to determine the upgrades you need, including the installation of the Air to water heat pumps to bring it up to a B2 rating or higher.
  • If you meet the grant’s requirements, we’ll apply for and accept the SEAI grant.
  • We will assign a contractor to take care of your home’s repairs, including installation and repair of External Insulation, Internal Insulation, Attic Insulation¬†and more.
  • We’ll manage your place, ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled.
  • Complete the final BER assessment when the work is done.

Reach out to us, the premier SEAI-approved Airtightness contractor РAir Tightness Membranes, to take advantage of this grant and save on your energy bills today!